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15% off 98 Training Academy.
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Train anywhere, anytime with our trusted and purpose-led programs.

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Our programs are accessible to all. We adapt each to ensure there is something for everyone.


Our flagship strength and conditioning program.


A series of high intensity, short duration workouts designed to build general physical preparedness.


Build, increase and enhance
your endurance.


Develop a solid foundation of  strength, power and speed.


A no-equipment training program for everyone.


Get a workout everyday that is designed, tried and tested by our team.


Interval Weight Training

A highly sophisticated and effective means of multi-variable cross-training to optimise performance in a wide variety of sports. Through the proper selection and manipulation of IWT intensity (load, intensity, volume, and frequency of training) an extremely high level of total athletic fitness can be achieved.


The strength component will run through a number of phases:

  1. Strength (building a strong base)
  2. Power (developing from your STR base)
  3. Strength Endurance (increasing your overall capacity formed by the previous STR/PWR blocks).

This means squatting in all forms, pressing, deadlifting, and all accessory movements that come along with a solid program.

Energy System Development

Energy System Development (ESD) sessions are comprised of interval work on the ski/rower/bike/running. This works in conjunction with the strength (STR) cycle to increase power, speed and VO2 Max.

This means improving your overall work capacity, enabling you to work harder and stronger, whilst improving your ability to recover from extended work and remain focused on the task at hand.


98 Hybrid is a non-specialised General Physical Preparedness program, suitable for the general
population and specialised athletes alike. Designed to promote movement efficiency during training, the hybrid program uses loading implements like dumbbells and kettlebells exclusively to encourage quality movement patterns that carry over to more conventional movement styles.


Power is the rate of producing force, its the main ingredient for all sports that require speed and agility. You can be very strong with large muscle mass yet be unable to display power because you haven’t trained your body to contract your muscle fast. Training to move explosively will enable you to move quicker under load and enhance your speed and agility.


Capacity is designed and built to enhance your aerobic / anaerobic power and capacity. In short it builds and develops your engine so your can train and compete at the highest level.

Game Day

The goal of Game Day is to showcase your mental and physical capability, why we are who we are. This is your chance to explore the grit and determination forged in the previous weeks/blocks of training.

Preparing an athlete to succeed in their sporting arena boils down to this – you must appropriately apply your training tools to transfer weight room progress to the arena or you’re just wasting time. Though simple on paper, somehow this approach gets lost when a coach works with a novice athlete.

Movement library

The extensive movement library will help you perfect your form and train injury free.

Knowledge Base

The extensive movement library will help you perfect your form and train injury free.


Post your results, share your tips and performance and get involved with our community


Get recognised for your progress on our community leader board


After 3 months on the program members were tested on the following, these results were compared to the previous results. In total there was an overall strength and conditioning increase of 47% when tested.

-42S Average Ski Time
+42KG Average Deadlift
-28S Average Ski Time
+27KG Average Deadlift

The above results in a matter of months is the average over 100 people and some individual results where outstanding to say the least, this is what it looks like for the majority of our members, also a 50% increase in the pull ups by both male and females.


Our trainers have a combined knowledge and experience in the industry equivalent to over 50 years.

Chris Feather

Chris is the owner and Founder of 98 Gym & 98 Training. Spending 11 years competing at top level Super League in the UK and Elite League 1 Rugby in France. Chris’s overall philosophy is one of hard work, mental strength and the lessons that come from a willingness to suffer.

Wade Farmer

Athletic Director
Wade is the Athletic Director at 98 Training and a certified Strength and Conditioning coach with over 10 years experience in the group training space. His passion for health and science led him to obtain a Bachelor Medical Science degree from the University of Sydney and later joined Chris Feather as a certified Gym Jones instructor.

Dan Potter

Dan is an enthusiastic and determined trainer who’s primary focus is to ensure the pursuit of functional excellence, with all sessions aimed to be enjoyable and purposeful. With consistency and adherence, Dan believes that results will be achieved with the right attitude and proper guidance.

Luke Khoury

Luke is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Sports Scientist, Sports and Exercise Chiropractor & S&C with over 20 years of experience in allied health, education, and coaching. Leading from the front, Luke develops the 98 Capacity program alongside currently completing his Masters in High Performance Sports at UTS.

Nolan Cody

Program Contributor & Coach
Nolan has worked with Olympic athletes, national representatives, and professional sportspeople at home and abroad in a diverse range of sports including ice hockey, track & field, taekwondo, rugby league, rugby union, soccer, and many more. Having studied at university for over 8 years, he considers himself to be a lifelong student of human movement and performance. Nolan teaches resistance training and high performance sport at a university level and is completing his doctor of physiotherapy. He believes that optimizing human performance requires a balance of strength and conditioning knowledge gained from coaching experience partnered with load and volume management skills unique to a physiotherapist.

Harriet Walker

Harriet Walker is the owner of Athletic Eating and a leader in the sports nutrition space within Australia, specialising in nutrition for high performance sport. Harriet has worked with over 1500 people one-on-one from grassroots sport to Commonwealth Games gold medallists, which has provided her with a well-honed understanding of the practical application of sports nutrition beyond what appears in the text-books. Her personalised and hands-on approach has seen her work with some of Australia’s most reputable brands and is well known within the industry for engaging and educational presentations and a relatable science communication style.

Daniel Cooper

Daniel is a Human Factors and performance specialist who draws from a 22-year military career with 19 years of Special Operations experience. He has dedicated himself to a parallel pursuit of human performance and academic study, acquiring an undergraduate degree in Sports Science and a Master of Science in High Performance. He later went on to complete a second postgraduate master's which earned him a PhD scholarship position that he is currently completing - investigating the human factors associated with performing under high pressure, high-consequence encounters and the evidence-based principles for improving performance. By understanding the human factors of performance from this unique intersection of experience and knowledge, he now focuses on developing evidence-based practices for optimal performance in high-pressure, high-consequence environments.

Alexa Towersey

Alexa graduated University with a Bachelor of Science, double majoring in Biology and Psychology. She then continued on with a post graduate diploma in Sports Management and Kinesiology. All through university, Alexa wrestled with the Mania Sportsfighting Academy, excelled as a Linebacker and Wide Receiver for a NZ Womens’ Champion Gridiron team – The Tamaki Lightning – and played soccer at a representative level.

Michael Marshall

Michael is the head coach and founder of Candour Coaching. Candour Coaching are experts at corporate performance who focus on coaching high-achievers to excel in high-pressure environments. Michael is a top ten Australian enduro finisher - completing 112km obstacle race in 24 hours, a Kokoro 44 graduate (look it up), a b-license skydiver, and has been a member of 98 Riley Street since 2013.

See what others are saying

Read what some of our valued community are saying about 98 Training.


I have been on the 98 program for over 2 years. It is the single best resource for individuals with any fitness aspirations. Chris, Kev & The 98 team have created a culture that encourages hard work and integrity over ego and aesthetics.

This is one of the best field / sport training programs out there. Chris & Kevin have poured their combined decades of experience into this platform. This is perfect pre season and in season training program, guaranteed to improve your speed, power, strength and conditioning. Train like an athlete.


A program that works!

I’ve been training for over 10 years and never really noticed a difference. It’s now been 8 months since I’ve been following the 98 Training program and I have never felt stronger. I went from deadlifting 50kg to 101kg in three months. All thanks to this amazing program!

The training program is easy to follow and very effective. Perfect for building up a solid base strength and fitness. Love how easy the app is to use ????

As an actor working in feature film I’m constantly tasked with achieving new physical goals, whether it be a level of fitness required to perform heavy action sequences or simply changing shape for aesthetic purposes. Whenever I’m on Aussie soil 98 keeps me challenged, focussed and dialled in to wherever I need to be. Physical fitness and adaptability has become a vital ingredient to success in the film industry and it’s imperative to align yourself with professionals who understand how to help you reach your full potential whilst staying inspired and healthy. 98 is world class. I’m lucky to have them on my team.


Best training app out there

Been using the 98 app for a few weeks and I haven’t missed a workout yet (ok maybe 1), which is unlike me I’m usually hopeless at staying consistent. A really good mix of a progressive program and something just a little bit different each time. The chat box/ results log section is a game changer if you struggle with the accountability side of things or want a little bit of extra competition if you can’t make it to the gym. Love it, plus it’s extremely good value????

Earlier this year I successfully summitted Mt Everest for the second time, this time from the North Side in Tibet. My entire training program for 12 months leading up to the climb was designed by Kev Toonen and 98 Training. This program was a crucial element of the climb itself and gave me great confidence as I undertook my goal.

I felt fitter and stronger on this climb than any previous climb and was impressed with the knowledge and explanation behind the programming. Using this program ensured I was ready for the demands of climbing on Everest.

I joined 98 earlier this year with a background of hypertrophy/powerlifting weights training. Since joining 6 months ago I’ve maintained weight, but have increased strength across all major compound lifts, whilst also feeling fitter and more capable than ever before. I’ve been able to fix poor lifting techniques and identify weak spots which need focus to increase overall strength. Most recently my conditioning training has helped me become more conscious of maintaining a positive internal talk track during tough workouts, where in the past I would have focused on counting down till the rest periods/end of workout. Highly recommend for those wanting to kick their training into the next gear.

98 Training is the most professional and structured training program I have ever been involved with. The thorough and thoughtful way it is put together ensures optimum outcome and results for the many members and online participants. It’s not only rewarding to improve within yourself but it’s been so pleasing to see so much improvement in many of the members since undertaking this program.

You come into 98 to train but everyday you leave with so much more. 98 Training has not only taken my training and performance to the next level, it has instilled the desire to constantly push myself to new heights both in and outside of the gym. The program is purpose driven and progressive, so every session you are able to challenge yourself and test yourself against your previous scores. Every session, every moment is considered and has purpose and it gives you the upmost confidence in the program Since being part of 98 Training, I have hit PB’s in my squat, deadlift, bench and presses as well as being stronger and fitter on the bike, ski and row.

98 Training ensures I train with purpose. The program consistently challenges me, both mentally and physically, it provides me with a sound structure which delivers results – if I am putting in the (hard!) work. Recording my results in the online forum helps with accountability while training independently and motivates me to push for improvement week upon week – it’s also great to see that you weren’t the only one who suffered through that day’s ‘finisher’! I love this program and the ethos it is built upon. I trust the experience and expertise of the team behind it.

If you want to train with purpose and don’t mind a bit of hard work, this is the perfect program for you.

98 Training is about consistency, hard work and people from different backgrounds and ages all pursuing improvement in their athletic ability. It’s a community without attitude where all standards are welcomed. You see the same members five and six times a week, giving their best and motivating each other. One year in and the results of 98 Training are evident. It is clear to see that the 98 members are in Kevin Toonen’s words..”fitter, faster and stronger”!

I joined 98 earlier this year with a background of hypertrophy/powerlifting weights training. Since joining 6 months ago I’ve maintained weight, but have increased strength across all major compound lifts, whilst also feeling fitter and more capable than ever before. I’ve been able to fix poor lifting techniques and identify weak spots which need focus to increase overall strength. Most recently my conditioning training has helped me become more conscious of maintaining a positive internal talk track during tough workouts, where in the past I would have focused on counting down till the rest periods/end of workout. Highly recommend for those wanting to kick their training into the next gear.

Frequently asked questions, answered.

Who are our programs for?

Our programs are for anyone who would like to improve their overall strength and conditioning, with the primary focus being on athletic development and general performance.

Can I start at any time?

You can start all our programs at anytime however it is recommended you read and understand what each session entails as well as ensuring you read and watch the movement tutorials on each session. This will fully explain the intent of the session as well as give you a solid understanding of what you should aim for on each workout.

What equipment do I need?

It is recommended you have access to a barbell, weight plates, kettlebells or dumbbells, sandbag or deadball, a box and some bands. We have other training programs available for those who have limited equipment as well, however the best results are with the equipment listed above.

What happens if I miss a day of training?

The idea is to get as many of the sessions done as YOU can, don’t measure your success off other people, just your own. Try and aim to complete 3-4 sessions a week, if you miss one or two sessions once every now and again it’s not a big deal.

I am currently injured, can I still do the training?

This will all depend on the injury and your ability to work around it, in our experience you can always work around injury and still achieve 90% of the intent, if you need more help it’s always best to email and ask us directly.

I’m an athlete with specific training protocols, can I use this program?

Yes you can, it will depend on your sport, training schedule and what part of the year you are in (off season, pre-season and in season). All athletes need strength, power, endurance, speed and injury proofing. If you have any specific questions on how to integrate the program into your training it’s best to email us directly.


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