15% off 98 Training Academy. Use Code ACADEMY15. Limited Time

15% off 98 Training Academy.
Use Code ACADEMY15. Limited Time


98 Training proudly partners with elite brands that both naturally and seamlessly align. With a dedication to peak performance, 98 Partners are carefully selected among top-tier brands enabling optimal performance beyond your workouts. 

98 Training members will benefit from exclusive discounts and additional perks as a part of our expanding partnership program. 

We are dedicated to our philosophy of providing the most innovative products and programs to our customers. Our products include the indoor rower, SkiErg and the BikeErg.

Every machine and oar we produce comes from a background of over forty years of excellence. We strive to design, manufacture, sell and service unique products of the highest quality and value for the benefit of the Concept2 community.

Rogue has helped equip some of the top gyms, collegiate sports facilities, military bases, and professional strength training centres in the world. But it’s the thousands of DIY garage gyms built with Rogue gear that might bring us the most satisfaction. All you have to do is look at this massive collection of customer-submitted garage gym photos to see how every Rogue athlete puts their own unique stamp on a training space.

At Hyperice, we strive to provide the innovation to help you move better, and the inspiration to reach your full potential.

We believe the quality of life is intimately connected to movement. Whether you’re an elite athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or seeking a healthier lifestyle, the way you move determines the way you feel. Our devices allow you to move better, so you can feel your absolute best.

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Komanchi Group offers Executive, Elite Sports and Tactical Consulting Services to organisations and individuals. We’ve partnered with Komanchi Group to offer our members 10% off their 12-week Fear Less course.

FEAR LESS – Developing a High-Performance Mindset. If you want to develop a high-performance mindset then you need to develop your relationship with fear. Fear is the number one factor that is holding you back from reaching your potential, your goals, your dreams and your happiness. This 12-week course covers the fundamentals required to change your beliefs, your response to stress and develop the practical skills and habits for you to achieve your full potential.

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Athletic Eating is a boutique online sports and performance nutrition coaching service specialising in transitioning active people from a ‘dieting’ focus to a ‘performance/feel good’ focus through the provision of one-on-one coaching with evidence-based, personalised and simple to implement nutrition recommendations.

Work with an accredited sports dietitian to gain a clear understanding of what is required to fuel YOUR body for everyday performance. Receive education on the principles behind energy balance, building muscle and fuelling performance. Get further faster with tailored information about how to fuel your body for good health and performance. Learn strategies for managing real-life barriers to healthy eating 

If you are ready to invest in your long-term health and to learn how to build your own patterns of eating to fuel daily performance, then let’s get started.

6 weeks of 1-on-1 online nutrition coaching for $449