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15% off 98 Training Academy.
Use Code ACADEMY15. Limited Time

The 98 Method strengthens a successful workforce

Increase employee engagement and culture, acquire and attract top-tier talent, and set your business apart from competitors.


Uniquely comprised of three distinct pillars, the 98 Method distinguishes and strengthens all individually to build a sound, well-rounded sense of self, both in the gym and office environment.


Developing the importance of 'self' in a team setting, the 98 Method is designed to enable individuals to reach their peak performance potential in a supportive team environment, practicing transferable skills beyond gym walls.

Mental / Cognitive

Strong willpower and the means to continually strive to progress are at the core of the 98 structure. We support the growth of resilience and mental strength through commitment and dedication.


The final pillar in the 98 Method, physical progression is the primary result when combined with both social and mental. The numbers don't lie and the physical result is a true reflection of the dedication and hard work.


Commitment, dedication, and resilience uniquely complete the 98 Method. By positively influencing your workforces in their time, the platform provides a structured program, enabling improved productivity by employees on your time.


Specifically designed to provide time-under-tension physical exertion, the 98 program keeps the brain stimulated for prime productivity, as well keeps the endorphins pumping for a mood boost.


Employees will benefit from increased levels of energy and several health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease and obesity. Long-term benefits include strengthened bone density, ligaments and tendons promoting a healthier life.


A healthy workforce is a successful workforce. With access to expert nutrition, employees can best educate themselves to minimise the risk of sick days and long-term chronic disease.




Hailing from Leeds, Northern England, Chris had a keen interest in many competitive sports from an early age, originally finding his calling in rugby league as a teenager. Chris’ competitive spirit, skills and grit saw him shoot up the ranks. A professional player at just age 17, Chris spent 11 years playing top level Super League in the UK and Elite League 1 Rugby in France. His enduring passion for fitness led him to a career in Fitness upon retiring from rugby league.


Athletic Director
Wade grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia where his interest in health and fitness started long before he was a personal trainer. Shortly after graduating university, Wade sought out to learn from the best in the movie prep business, becoming a fully certified GYM JONES (300, Superman) instructor in 2017. Since then Wade has worked with a host of high profile clients, most recently working as a cast trainer on Thor: Love and Thunder (2021).



Luke is AICE Titled Sports & Exercise Chiropractor and an Accredited Exercise Physiologist & Exercise Scientist.

A lifetime of being active, training and playing a variety of sports has been Luke the greatest influence as to why he does what he does and continues to motivate him to support others in achieving their health goals.

Alexa Towersey

Alexa graduated University with a Bachelor of Science, double majoring in Biology and Psychology. She then continued on with a post graduate diploma in Sports Management and Kinesiology. All through university, Alexa wrestled with the Mania Sportsfighting Academy, excelled as a Linebacker and Wide Receiver for a NZ Womens’ Champion Gridiron team – The Tamaki Lightning – and played soccer at a representative level.

Daniel Cooper

Daniel is an extremely accomplished Human Performance specialist. He developed a passion for understanding the true limits of human potential whilst serving as a member of Australia’s most elite Special Operations unit, where he spent 18 years of his 22-year career in the Special Air Service operating at the coal face of Australian special operations missions.

Harriet Walker

Harriet Walker is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Sports Dietitian. Across six years in private practice, Harriet has worked with over 500 clients one-on-one ranging from grassroots athletes to Commonwealth Games gold medalists.


Corporate Partnerships Manager

Born into a family of a first grade rugby league player and aerobics instructor, it was in his genes to live the lifestyle he does. With a fondness of health and fitness, Todd competed in a variety of sports growing up at a semi professional level.

See what others are saying

Read what some of our valued community are saying about 98 Training

98 Training has completely changed my perception of a gym workout. I would have never imagined myself been able to do deadlifts and pull-ups. Now I enjoy it every week. I have learnt to use muscles that I feel like I’ve never used before.

It’s been a constant battle getting into a morning exercise routine, but I am glad to have overcome this challenge participating in the 98 Training program. The program has not just given me physical fitness but improved my mental strength as well. I’ve also noticed I sleep better, more focus and efficient at work. Kudos to the team behind making this happen!

Completing the 98 Training program has been the best health program initiative which I have participated in. Every day and every workout I have challenged myself from thinking how can I complete this session, to high-fiving myself at the end of the session after I have successfully finished it. I am learning new workouts, new moves, all while challenging myself to move away from the cardio machines to become a stronger, healthier person. The best part of the program, is that I am responsible for how much effort I put in, and the results I am seeing.

98 Training got me back on track of regular training and exercise including useful hints and tips about nutrition. The background information provided about the program taught me a bit about the science behind structuring varied exercise routines to improve my overall fitness levels.