15% off 98 Training Academy. Use Code ACADEMY15. Limited Time

15% off 98 Training Academy.
Use Code ACADEMY15. Limited Time

15% off 98 Training Academy. Use Code ACADEMY15. Limited Time

15% off 98 Training Academy.
Use Code ACADEMY15. Limited Time

98 Gym Nutrition Groundwork Program Outline

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Groundwork: Work that is done in preparation for work being done later.

The 98 Gym Groundwork Nutrition Program is a 6-week nutrition program that steps you through the fundamentals of nutrition for performance, improved body composition and health. From beginning to end you will be a part of a private group who are committed to upgrading their nutrition, facilitated by accredited performance dietitian Harriet Walker. 

This is not another nutrition ‘challenge’. Do the groundwork, commit to the process required and achieve long term results.  

Dates:  Monday 3rd Feb- 14th March (6 weeks leading into 98 Games).

Seminar: Saturday 1st Feb at 98 Gym.

Number of spaces: 20 – Full 6 week course.


  • Learn the science of building muscle and weight management.
  • Learn how to fuel your own training needs
  • Learn the tools to manage your diet long term.
  • Build confidence to make own changes to your diet.
  • Learn where to find well informed nutrition information.
  • Learn how to manage your commitments and keep you diet on track.


  • Optimised body composition according to personal goals.
  • Improved knowledge of nutrition principals.
  • Improved understanding of own nutritional needs. 
  • Confidence to make own decisions using scientific evidence. 
  • Ability to manage nutrition confidently despite conflicting life priorities.


  • 2 hour nutrition seminar at 98 Gym + measurements
  • Goal setting 
  • Personalised nutrition template 
  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • Macronutrient recommendations 
  • Nutrition booklet 
  • Weekly email check-ins 
  • 2 online reviews (15 minutes via Zoom)
  • Access to the private Nutrition Groundwork Facebook Group with weekly Facebook live topics

Weekly Topics: 

  • Nutrition 101 (delivered via seminar- live stream or recorded for online participants) 
  • Habits and behaviours (Facebook Live)
  • Nutrition for performance (Facebook Live) 
  • The 4 C’s of long-term diet success (Facebook Live) 


  • January 3rd – Registrations open.
  • January 22nd – Registrations close. All pre-questionnaires need to be delivered by this date.
  • February 1st – Nutrition Seminar. Groundwork packs delivered, Q & A, measurements & photos taken.
  • February 3rd – March 14th March Groundwork Program runs 
  • March 15th – Groundwork breakfast tbc


Full package price: $449 (Full payment 22nd Jan) – Purchase Here
Seminar only price: $ 129 (Seminar + Booklet) – Purchase Here

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